Kayak Coaching Courses

We are proud to offer a full range of kayak coaching courses British Canoeing Qualifications.

The Courses

The British Canoeing 3 star award indicates you can be considered an intermediate paddler and competent member of a group to be led in moderate water environments.

Formerly known as the 4 Star Kayak award, the BC Kayak Leader training course aims to fine tune your personal skills on grade 2/3 water and a qualification which allows you to safely lead groups - all in one!

We understand that assessments can be very stressful, so we aim to make them has painless as we can, by being relaxed and approachable. The BC Kayak Leader was formerly known as the 4 Star Kayak award.

The Advanced Kayak Leader award indicates you have entered the top level of performance. Formerly known as the 5 Star Kayak Award.

Covering all aspects of the BC Advanced Kayak Leader syllabus. Formerly known as the 5 Star Kayak Award.

Whitewater - Fine Tuned & Flawless. Aimed at the experienced white water paddler who wants to be more accurate, consistant and fluid.