Arctic Lapland by Canoe

Explore the Arctic circle, 68 degrees North, on a split expedition through the tundra of the far north of Finland; including 100km descent of a grade 1-2 river, and crossing the waters of Inari Lake close to the Russian and Norwegian borders. This area is unique for it’s Sámi culture, the homeplace of bushcraft. It is rich in wildlife (except for mozzies at that time of year): there are wolves, wolverines, bears, reindeer, elk and reputedly some of the world’s best fishing. In September there’s an abundance of berries and mushrooms to forage, and we will cook over open fires, most likely under the Northern Lights.

The ideology behind this trip is to give people the skills to live from a canoe, and to do it well. This is an art that anyone can learn, given the right tools. In true Getafix fashion we are shipping our own custom outfitted canoes to the area, complete with airbags, kneeling thwarts and sailing rig. You can paddle solo if you wish. Why would you choose to share a tin-can-hired-boat with a stranger when you can come with us in style?


• 3 nights high-end accommodation (on arrival, mid-trip and pre-flight home… cabins and a hotel); and the rest under canvas
• all specialist equipment
• fishing permits and gear
• good food (supplemented by what you catch, pick, gather)
• internal transfers and pickups
• coaching in basic to advanced open water skills and river running techniques
• a few surprises, unique to Finland and Reassuringly Getafix


Staff: Leo, Roope, Jason

If you are interested in joining us or if you want to book your place please email us for full information

Camping under the Northern Lights