Nicole is a Senior REC Trainer and is in charge of our first aid courses.

Her passion is empowering people to be able to help others who are injured or sick. She fell on her feet when she was introduced to teaching REC as she can use her medical skills and life experience to teach people first aid who work or play in remote, challenging environments.

Nicole has 6 years experience in accident and emergency nursing in the UK. She then completed a course in Tropical Medicine in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, which is an internationally recognised institution dedicated to research and teaching in this area.

Having lived abroad most of her life in the Middle East and Africa, she then decided to spend three years working in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic as a nurse for Doctors Without Borders. Her work there was diverse, ranging from emergency vaccination campaigns, managing cholera units to being a nurse supervisor of a hospital.

Nicole is lovely and you will enjoy her company. Guaranteed!