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Redefining standards for over 15 years

About our Courses

"Definitely the best first aid course I've been on, and I've been on a lot!"

Our range of Outdoor first aid courses is fully certified by Rescue Emergency Care (REC). REC courses are recognised by British Canoeing, MLTUK, RYA, BASI, ASSI, BOF etc., and we have been leading the field, 'training the trainers' for years. 

Our courses are very different to those of other providers. Although certified through REC, our courses were written by Jason Taylor (Tirio Cyf) 25 years ago and over the years he has developed them further still. Pre-Covid Jason delivered most of Getafix’s first aid courses and has been pivotal in building on the reputation of providing the very best training. More recently it was decided to join forces, Leo and Jason now work together melding philosophy and ideas to influence and shape future courses.



Two is better than one

Typically, our courses are co-delivered by both Jason and Leo. Between the two of them there is over 60 years of teaching and coaching outdoor first aid and adventure sports... That's hard to beat!

A unique collaboration...

Getafix Coaching Tirio

Compliant, appropriate and current

Our courses are fully compliant, teach appropriate skills, are fully referenced and current.  What we don’t do is teach people ‘fancy stuff’ they are simply not allowed to do, just because it appears to be ‘flash’.  Both Jason and Leo have worked, guided and dealt with real incidents in some of the most remote and inhospitable places around. We know for real what it’s like and what skills are actually achievable whilst under pressure in remote environments. 

So, we’ve designed and deliver all our courses with this in mind, we’ll give you some amazing and unique resources which will help you to remember everything by not having to remember much at all! Allowing you to do your very best in the worst of situations. 

"The learning aid provided is probably the most useful bit of kit I will ever carry... they had loads of useful tips and tricks for emergency situations ..."

Dual certified

Our 2-day Outdoor First Aid course will also qualify you for an Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and our 3 day Advanced Outdoor First Aid course will also qualify you for a First Aid at Work (FAW) and plus F.  Clever stuff, if you pass.

Keeping it real

Let’s face it, if you ever need to use these skills for real, you’re going to be under significant pressure and will often not have practiced them for a while. Performing well and doing the right thing when something goes wrong is critical. Poor performance not only has an impact on the person you’re looking after, but can also significantly impact your own mental health, never mind your business.
No-one wants that…

No nonsense, no egos

That said, we’re not going to baffle you with Greek medical terms and more importantly tell you ‘war stories’ – in fact the complete opposite; we’ll get you to trust your own judgement and develop your confidence to do the right things when its needed. 

Delivered in a fun and engaging manner, which isn’t something you’d normally associate with a first aid course…

You’re in safe hands

We are exceptionally proud of our Courses and our client feedback is second to none.  We deliver specialist outdoor / wilderness first aid courses to well over 500 people a year including some of the best organisations in the business, so you know you’re in safe hands. These include:

    • Zip World
    • The Outdoor Partnership
    • Bike Park Antur Stiniog
    • Sayers Croft environmental centre
    • Campfire Cymru forest school
    • many Kayaking and Mountaineering clubs
    • Scouts cymru
    • Denbigshire Countryside Rangers
    • One Planet Adventure
    • Keys Care Group
    • PGL Travel
    • Acorn Adventure
    • British Army
    • Christian Mountain Centre (CMC Pensarn)
    • European Geophysical services

"Really informative and enjoyable course that was taught in an interesting, fun, easy to remember way. Credit to the tutors - great teaching styles ..."

"Great instruction with relevant scenarios and plenty of opportunity to practice learned skills..."

Getafix brings you the full suite of Rescue 3 Europe Water Safety & Rescue Courses.

In 1998 Rescue 3 Swift Water Technician courses were introduced to the UK by the late Jim Segerstrom, and Leo was fortunate to be part of the first cohort of instructors to be trained by him.

Ever since these first UK courses Rescue 3 Europe has grown in size and reputation; their qualifications are now the go-to for most UK emergency/rescue organisations and river professionals for specialist rescue training.

On the doorstep of our classroom is UK’s premier training venue for white water safety, which during the summer months is the only natural white water to be found in England and Wales.  We also have Bala lake close by.

We believe it is essential for you to be equipped properly on your course. It's no fun being wet and cold and you learn very little if you are distracted by ’surviving’ the day. We are proud to offer our students drysuits (DamX), appropriate PPE and all technical equipment (way over and above the industry standard).