REC First Aid Courses

The Getafix First Aid course is a bit different... We run the REC Outdoor 16hr (2 Day) qualification every month, as well as REC Advanced and REC Trainers courses and assessments.

The Courses

If you participate in adventurous activities such as canoeing, climbing or mountain biking, you owe it to your friends to have knowledge and practical experience of first aid.

This is the best first aid course you'll ever go on, delivered by our exceptional and very experienced team.

Our Advanced 2-day REC course will improve your competence and confidence in the basic principles of first aid, whilst also introducing more advanced casualty management with a focus on remote first aid, triage, team working etc. It is the perfect extension to your knowledge, and will suit you if you've done a few courses before and want to refine your skills. There is no formal pre-requisite, but if you don't have a REC Outdoor 16hr qualification you might want to talk to us about whether this is the right level for you.


We work within the REC scheme as we believe it gives the perfect opportunities of flexibility and individualised delivery, while still being tried-and-tested, rigorous and professionally respected. We are not working to an external syllabus someone has given us, but have developed our content in an interactive process with the very experienced team at REC so that it suits us, our clients and the situations they find themselves in. We have been working on this programme over the past 7 years and are continually tweaking and perfecting it. We are very proud of our unique approach and are sure you will get the best out of your time with us.

A five day (30 hour) course. The trainer programme is designed to introduce a systematic method of training candidates to provide emergency care. Topic learning and presentations intermixed with scenarios of real situations.