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Rescue 3 Europe

Getafix brings you the full suite of Rescue 3 Europe Water Safety & Rescue Courses.

In 1998 Rescue 3 Swift Water Technician courses were introduced to the UK by the late Jim Segerstrom, and Leo was fortunate to be part of the first cohort of instructors to be trained by him.

Ever since these first UK courses Rescue 3 Europe has grown in size and reputation; their qualifications are now the go-to for most UK emergency/rescue organisations and river professionals for specialist rescue training.

On the doorstep of our classroom is UK’s premier training venue for white water safety, which during the summer months is the only natural white water to be found in England and Wales.  We also have Bala lake close by.

We believe it is essential for you to be equipped properly on your course. It's no fun being wet and cold and you learn very little if you are distracted by ’surviving’ the day. We are proud to offer our students drysuits (DamX), appropriate PPE and all technical equipment (way over and above the industry standard).

This course is designed specifically for boaters, river guides and others who work or play on or around flowing water. Students will benefit from this intensive, hands-on course and will learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues.

This course focuses on real problems that students may face. The emphasis is on speedy, low-tech, and improvised rescue techniques that are effective and require minimal equipment.

We cover:

  • Hydrology and water dynamics
  • Introduction to technical rescue equipment
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment
  • Introduction to rope systems
  • Swimming in moving water
  • Medical considerations
  • Foot and body entrapments
  • Scene management
  • Contact and in-water rescues
  • Two and Four point boat and rope system
  • Crossing techniques
  • Boat pins and entrapments

Experience needed:

  • Confident swimming in moving water
  • River / whitewater experience recommended

The course fee includes the 5 day training element and the two day assessment.  Assessment dates will be arranged at the time of the training course, between the two there is a period of time where aspirant instructors are expected to consolidate their skills and complete their agreed action plans.

Fee includes all access fees incurred and the Rescue 3 Instructor packs and administration fees. All technical equipment can be borrowed from Getafix during the courses (if required).

For more information please email us to arrange a phone call (much better to talk).

Our course is unique to other providers as it benefits from being delivered over two weekends as opposed to one 5 day block.

We are excited to offer the Rescue 3 update practical day, which is a requirement for all Rescue 3 instructors.

This 1 day update will be based from our classroom in Bala and will probably be delivered on the River Tryweryn.

The Outdoor Risk Management (ORM) course is for people working in remote areas, coastal areas, upland terrain and/or unfamiliar terrain. It enables them to identify associated hazards and to give them basic skills to work safely and deal with any incidents in these environments.

A Two day course that is ideal for a wide range of professionals from lowland/mountain leaders and forest school leaders and teachers who take children into the outdoors to Geologists, Pylon and wind farm workers.

Courses can be arranged for your organisation either be delivered from our classroom in Bala or at your place of work.

The Water Safety for Expedition Leaders course is designed for both professional and recreational expedition leaders & team members who lead or work with groups on expeditions where hazards are presented by water. Hazards include but are not limited to rivers, lakes, floods, canals, hot pools.

A two day course perfect for DofE assessors and Expedition leaders both in the UK and abroad.

Courses can be arranged for your organisation either be delivered from our classroom in Bala or at your place of work.